To improve the percentage of recycled waste is a vital goal of our society, in order to reduce pollution and preserve resources.
The VEEP project intends to give a contribution to the circular economy, in the area of building construction.
A major source of wasted material is the debris coming from construction and demolition, mainly composed of concrete.
VEEP will define solutions which allow to recycle a part of the 461 million tons of debris generated yearly in Europe.
New technology, developed by VEEP, can recycle concrete debris producing precast concrete elements with good thermal insulation, which can be used for new buildings as well as refurbished ones, therefore also achieving improvements in energy efficiency.


Around 461 million ton/year of C&DW are generated in EU28. Recent studies on the characterization of C&DW samples at European level revealed a predominant fraction of concrete (52% average). Over the last years, novel technology has been developed aiming to guarantee high quality recycled concrete aggregates for use in new concrete, thereby closing the concrete loop.

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Veep project

Veep-project | no Horizon 2020 research | No:2020 723582 723582

Veep veep-project, horizon, 2020, The most advanced concrete recycling technologies currently produce coarse (>4mm) recycled concrete aggregates by removing cement paste from the surface of the aggregates. However, the fine (0-4 mm) fraction, ca. recycling technologies, removing cement paste,surface of the aggregates, prefabrication, design for reuse, reduction in carbon, footprint and embodied energy,eco-design, circular approaches for C&DW, massive retrofitting, green jobs,recycling industry 40% of the concrete waste, still faces technical barriers to be incorporated into new concrete and consequently, is often down-cycled. At the other extreme, there are minor (e.g. glass) and emerging (e.g. mineral wool) C&DW materials, currently accounting for 0.7% of the total, but revealing growing rates as consequence of European regulations. research, no:, 723582- project | Horizon horizon 2020 research | No: 723582

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 723582

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