VEEP presented at BIBM Extraordinary General Assembly 2020

VEEP presented at the virtual event organised within project partner BIBM Extraordinary General Assembly on 16 November 2020

Agenda of the event included:

  • "Policies, standards and trends at European level affecting the precast concrete sector BIBM activity report 2019 2020", presented by Alessio Rimoldi & Magdalena Herbik;
  • "Achieving circular economy in construction European Projects. VEEP Cost effective recycling of Construction and Demolition Wastes in high added value energy efficient prefabricated concrete components for massive retrofitting of our built environment" presented by Project Coordinator Anna Paraboschi;
  • "SeRaMCo Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products" presented by Prof. Dr. Ing. Christian Glock;
  • Q&A session;
  • "Policymaking by competition on sustainability parameters" presented by Malin Löfsjögård & John Erik Reiersen
This virtual event represented a valuable networking and exploitation opportunity for VEEP.

VEEP presented at “Advanced and sustainable materials by design” webinar

Project partner Francisco Ruiz (Key Aerogel) promoted VEEP results on 1 October 2020! 

We are glad to announce our project partner Francisco Ruiz (Keey Aerogel) presented the SICLA
technology developed within VEEP project at the webinar “Advanced and sustainable materials
by design”, which took place on 1 October 2020.

The event was organised by LUXINNOVATION with the objective to boost the setting-up of R&D
projects involving larges companies, SMEs and RTOs from our respective ecosystems in the
Greater Region. Horizon Europe, etc…).

Agenda of the event included:

  • Green Deal 2020 Horizon Europe – Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, Luxinnovation
  • FAFil Project – The first robotic cell for wire-laser additive manufacturing – Maxime El Kandaoui,
  • Institut de Soudure
  • SICLA Aerogel in the prefabricated concrete façade elements. VEEP Project – Francisco Ruiz,
  • Keey Aerogel S.A.S
  • Materia Nova, the technological accelerator of responsible innovations in materials and
  • processes – Martine Bouvet, Materia Nova
  • Development of aluminum alloys for powder bed additive manufacturing or direct metal
  • deposition – Cédric Georges, CRM Group
  • Advanced composite material modeling for hydrogen storage tanks – Bruyneel Michäel, GD
  • Tech
  • Tosar François, Technochim

VEEP project presented in a webinar organized by ANDECE (Spanish Industry Association of Precast Concrete)

The presentation has been uploaded on YouYube on 13 October 2020:

Circularity in the Built Environment Conference Rescheduled in 2021

We regret to inform you that taking into account the recent advice provided by several organizations and by the advisory committee, the Circularity in the Built Environment Conference Organisational Committee has decided to postponed the conference from 22-24 September 2020 to March 2021.

VEEP team will inform you as soon as possible on the new dates of the conference: stay tuned for more updates!

VEEP mock-ups installed!

Do you know that VEEP mock-ups have been installed in our project site?

We are glad to announce that three mock-ups have been built in 2 different climatic scenarios in
order to evaluate the performance of VEEP panels: at the ACCIONA´s Ecopark in Madrid (Spain)
and at the STRUKTON´s facilities in Hoorn (Netherlands).

VEEP mock-ups were built by project partner Strukton starting from December 2019 until February
2020. n particular, there are 3 project mock-ups:
  1. “reference building”
  2. “new building”
  3. “retrofitting building”.
The mock-ups were built with the novel panels, which were designed and developed within our
project. Those panels were developed with recycled aggregates from EOL concrete and produced
with the innovative technology (ADR and HAS), developed by project partners TUDelft and C2CATechnology.

Moreover, different type of sensors have been installed to monitoring the efficiency of new panels
and to quantify energy, acoustic and durability performance of each PCE solution. This will strongly
improve the monitoring assessment as the data will be compared to experimental data collected
on the reference building located in same climatic conditions.

Stay tuned for more updates!

VEEP Final Conference (event postponed in March 2021 due to COVID-19 outbreak)

Transferring knowledge to the market (event postponed in March 2021 due to COVID-19 outbreak)

After four years, VEEP Project will successfully end in September 2020.

During the project, we managed to develop the following innovative construction materials:
  • A greener and more resistant Silica Aerogel, which is one of the best material for the insulation application
  • New and green concrete formulations
  • Two novel multilayer Precast Concrete Elements (PCEs) through the smart combination of VEEP concrete, aerogel composites and innovative plastic formworks
Moreover, VEEP implemented an Advanced Drying Recovery (ADR), which is a mechanical system of sorting and classifying wet Construction and Demolition Waste particles according to their particle size. The system requires seven working days to dismantle and assemble it again, so a new design to fit the truck and to reduce the assembling/disassembling from 7 days to 1 day has been achieved within VEEP.

Also a novel HAS, which is a technology designed to further expose the fine fraction aggregates into a hot gas so as to remove the associated moisture of aggregates and also destroy undesirable Construction and Demolition Waste contaminants pilot plant (3ton/hour) has been developed. The HAS technology has shown to improve quality properties of the ultrafine recycled particles in an important way for its application as an addition in new green cements.

Would you like hear and discover first-hand all our results?

Would you like to know how to transfer all the knowledge acquired in the framework of our project to the market and take part in the replicability workshop?

Are you interested in creating a network with all stakeholders for further dissemination and coordinate with other research institutions involved in similar projects?

Join VEEP Final Conference organised by project partner BIBM in cooperation with our coordinator RINA in the framework of BIBM Congress on Wednesday 6 May 2020 from 10:00 am to 16:30 pm.

Download the agenda of the event!

2nd International Conference on Circularity in the Built Environment

Join VEEP team from 22 to 24 September 2020 in Delft (Netherlands)!

The 2nd International Conference on Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn) aims at providing researchers and industry experts with the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advanced/innovative technologies and methodologies to process and valorize Construction & Demolition Waste (CDW) in the context of circular economy.

Eight main topics embracing all different aspects related to the theme of circularity in the built environment and sustainable construction materials will be dealt with:
  1. CDW Recycling Technologies
  2. Sustainable Construction Materials
  3. Digitalization & Circularity
  4. Circular Design
  5. Circular Management
  6. Social Circular Economy
  7. Standards, Policy Legislation
  8. Circular Design from Product to Cities
The deadline to submit an abstract has been extended to 15 February 2020.

Would you like to learn more about Circularity in the Built Environment? Register now!


We are glad to announce that project partner Francesco di Maio (TUDELFT University) will
participate at the CEN/TC 350 meeting in Delft (Netherlands) on 7 November 2019

Prefabricated concrete standardization committee meeting UNE / CTN 127

Glad to announce that project partner Raúl Pina Zapardiel (ACCIONA Concrete Group Technological Center Construction) will present the VEEP project in the Prefabricated concrete standardization committee meeting UNE / CTN 127 on the 12th of November in Madrid.

International Congress of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling (C&D Waste)

Join VEEP TEAM in Madrid!

We are glad to announce that VEEP team will take part in the International Congress of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling organised by the Spanish recycling industry and coordinated by the RCD Asociación (Spanish CDW Recycling Association) and the journal, Demoliciones y Reciclaje (Demolitions and Recycling).

The Congress will be held in Madrid on 30 and 31 October 2019 with the slogan "For a Sustainable Circular Economy in Construction.”

The purpose of the Congress is to disseminate knowledge internationally about proper CDW management and the efficient and viable use of recycled materials, sharing the most relevant experiences and current tools, both legal — for monitoring its management — and legislative — regulating its use and applications for recycled aggregates.

In particular, José Vera (ACCIONA) will present the latest advancements of VEEP project on 31 October.
Visit the website of the event to learn more! 

VEEP 7th General Assembly

Glad to announce that VEEP 7th General Assembly took place on 15/16 October in Madrid (Spain) at Project Partner UNE premises. 
After project partners’ presentations about the latest advancements of the technical activities, 4 workshop were organised:
  • Demonstration of the VEEP solutions around a closed-loop approach
  • Integrated environmental and economic assessment from life cycle perspective
  • IPR Management, Exploitation and Standardization
  • Communication and Dissemination
In particular, project partners agreed on organising VEEP final event in the framework od “BIBM 2020”: stay tuned for more updates!

VEEP team at EUSEW

On 18th June 2019, VEEP team was present at the stand "Transforming Construction Waste into Energy Efficient Solutions" together with Green Instruct, Innowee and RE4 H2020 projects. This dissemination activity was organised in the framework of EUSEW Networking Village.

This stand presented  the main results of the four projects in the form of interactive presentations and videos.

In particular, during the event VEEP team presented samples of CDW concrete, cement, aerogel
blankets and 3D printed connectors.

Also the project promotional material, including the 3 videos, was available at the stand and a special bookmark specifically created as a gadget of the event was distributed to the stand visitors.

Around 40 people visited our stand so it was a great success!

VEEP 32M General Assembly

VEEP team is glad to announce that the 32 Month General Assembly has been successfully held in Castelbelforte (Mantova, Italy) on 22 May 2019.

VEEP new promotional material has been distributed to the whole Project Consortium.

Moreover, a visit to Tesi System's plant was organised.

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019

Join VEEP team at the stand "Transforming Construction Waste into Energy Efficient Solutions"

The European Sustainable Energy Week is a month-long series of activities to build a secure energy future for Europe.
Launched in 2006 by the European Commission, EUSEW is organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in close cooperation with Directorate-General for Energy.

We are glad to announce that VEEP team will take part in EUSEW Networking Village on Tuesday 18 June from 14.00 pm to 17.30 in Brussels (Belgium).

We have the stand together with other 3 H2020 projects:
The aim of the stand is to present all the innovative solutions for converting construction and demolition waste (CDW) into new prefabricated elements and or components for better energy efficiency of buildings.

Visit the official website of the event to learn more.

VEEP team at ANDECE Webinar on Circular Economy and Precast Concrete Products

We are glad to announce that ANDECE, the Spanish National Precast Concrete Association (Asociación Nacional de la Industria del Prefabricado de Hormigón), has invited our team to present VEEP Project in a Webinar on Circular Economy and Precast Concrete Products next 14th February.

In particular, Project Partner Sonia Fernández (UNE) will introduce the audience to VEEP at 16.00 pm (Spanish Hour).

We express our sincere gratitude to ANDECE for this dissemination opportunity and we invite you to join the webinar on Thursday!

Contact ANDECE here to register for the webinar.

VEEP Project presented at coordination Working Group of CEN Technical Committee 350 ‘Sustainability of construction works’

VEEP team is proud to announce that the project was presented at CEN/Technical Committee 350/WG 7 on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019.

UNE, the Spanish Standardization Association, is part of the VEEP Project participating as standardization partner with the task of report VEEP on applicable standards and promote the dissemination of the VEEP Project through relevant CEN Technical Committees and its stakeholders.

After a general explanation of the VEEP Project,  project partner Jaime Moreno from TECNALIA presented to the CEN/TC 350/WG 7 experts some preliminary achievements regarding the properties and composition of the new VEEP green concrete recipes, the singularities of the new precast concrete elements and preliminary results concerning the life cycle cost and CO2 reduction of the novel VEEP solutions in comparison with BAU scenarios.  

In his presentation it was also highlighted the standardization task lead by UNE that allows this kind of dissemination actions and contacts with CEN Technical Committees. This first contact was very fruitful as it opened possible future networking and collaboration opportunities with CEN/Technical Committee 350.

Keep following VEEP channels for more updates about the innovative technologies, materials and building products that will be developed by the Project Consortium and future interaction with CEN Technical Bodies.

Download VEEP e-publication!

Are you curious about the latest results achieved by VEEP Project Consortium?

Do you like to learn more about the partners who are collaborating to develop VEEP innovative technologies and materials?

Download VEEP e-publication now!

2019 HARMONI Summit

VEEP presented the project at the Right Framework for Innovation

The 2019 HARMONI Summit is an event dedicated to inspiring discussions, target-orientated solution development and cross-sectorial networking. 

This year edition takes place in Brussels (Belgium) on 16 and 17 January 2019.

We are glad to announce that VEEP coordinator Anna Paraboschi is attending the event - where notice of the project has been given - to discuss about the main project barriers.

In fact, VEEP consortium has to face mainly two kinds of barriers:
  • Barriers for deconstruction, such as the lack of standardised “best practice” for deconstruction in the demolition industry;
  • Barriers for C&D waste management, such as the costs of Cost of recycling processes making products more expensive than that from virgin materials;
Visit the official website of the event to learn more!


VEEP Team is glad to invite you to the workshop organized within the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019

VEEP Project Consortium is pleased to invite researchers, industrial companies, professionals and wide public interested in the topic of circular economy for workshop  “Today‘s waste, tomorrow material” that will take place in Wels (Austria) on 28th February 2018.

The workshop is organised in the framework of WSED 2019, an annual conference that brings together more than 650 delegates from over 50 countries from business, the research community and the public sector.

During the event, project partner RINA will introduce the latest results and lead interactive discussions related to the promotion of the circular economy in the construction sector.

In particular, Anna Paraboschi – VEEP Coordinator – will present make a presentation about the project at 14.15.

Moreover, an interactive poster session will take place at 15.30 and will allow the participants to ask questions about VEEP innovative technologies and materials and exchange ideas about the project. 

The event is organised together with RE4, INNOWEE, GREENINSTRUCT and FISSAC.

Workshop registration is free of charge: register now

VEEP 5th GA (Bilbao)

On 21&22 November 2018, the VEEP Consortium met in Bilbao (Spain),at TECNALIA premises, for the fifth progress meeting.

The meeting focused on the projects' updates after 2 projects years and was coupled with the 3rd Exploitation Workshop organization where the BFMULO matrix was introduced.

Moreover Partners visited the TECNALIA laboratory and get insight in the lab scale technologies for the new concrete based on CDW production.

ECTP Conference 2018

VEEP team is glad to announce that we took part in the 8th ECTP open Conference that took place at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels on November 13-14, 2018.

During the event, current and anticipated innovation in the built environment field was discussed and plenary sessions with high-level speakers from academia, industry and the European Commission introduced the global scheme and visions from various stakeholders.

Project partner Nobatek disseminated the project's latest results, focusing on the sustainable and innovative materials developed.

Innovation Expo 2014

VEEP partner Delft University of Technology is taking part to the event dedicated to Global Challenges!

The Innovation Expo 2018 (IE2018) will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 4 October 2018.

It aims at taking innovations further, realising breakthroughs, and thus contributing to the social challenges of the world.

VEEP team is proud to announce that during the event, there will be the launch of the C2CA Technology (developed in collaboration with other two EC funded projects: C2CA and HISER). Therefore, VEEP project partner Delft University of Technology will present the mobile ADR and the HAS to the public. 

The Innovation Expo is going to be a very good opportunity to show to industry, government and all interested people that it is indeed possible to close the concrete loop and to implement circular economy on the market as well.

Visit Innovation Expo official website to learn more and meet us in Rotterdam!

VEEP second video is out!

Learn more about VEEP greener and more resistant Silica Aerogel: watch the second video now!

Circular Economy in Construction Conference

Join VEEP team in Prague!

VEEP Project Partner Fénix TNT is glad to invite you to the conference “Circular Economy in Construction” that will take place in Prague on 20th September 2018.

The conference constitutes an important networking opportunity for organisations and institutions working in the construction field.

The theme of the event is related to the circular economy, which is a sustainable development concept, which enables for a functional and prosperous relationship between the nature and the human society. By closing the loops of materials in perpetuous cycles, circular economy opposes the current linear system, where resources are turned into products, sold, consumed, and after a very short lifespan burned, landfilled or lost in other ways. 

FENIX team will introduce three European projects related to the circular economy: RE4, FISSAC and VEEP and will lead one of the afternoon workshop "Raw material industrial symbiosis as the basis for functioning of the circular economy on both Czech and European scale".

The event will be held only in the Czech language.

You can find more info here.

Contact to register!


We are glad to announce that VEEP project was presented by Petra Colantonio during the "Circular Economy in Construction Conference".

The event was organised by project partner FENIX and it was held in the Czech language.

The conference was organised in order to get together all stakeholders from construction demolition waste sector, people who are involved or are interested in topic of circular economy and industrial symbiosis, introduce national success stories, international opportunities and projects (H2020, Intereg) with this topics through event with conference session (presentations) and workshop session (interactive discussions on topic with stakeholders).

VEEP project was presented via brochures, powerpoint presentation and video and the event turned out to be a success as it was attended by 70 stakeholders.

International Conference on Resource Sustainability 2018

VEEP partner CML attended the event to disseminate the project’s results!

The International Conference on Resource Sustainability 2018 took place in Beijing, China, on 27-29 June, 2018.

It serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners around the world with diverse background and expertise to share the most recent ideas, outcomes, and practices on resource sustainability.
Specifically, icRS 2018 included invited keynote speeches, plenary sessions, and post presentations on the following topics:
  • Efficiency and environmental impacts of resource utilization
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery
  • Environmental behavior for sustainable consumption
  • Resource and waste management
  • Food-energy-water nexus
  • Circular economy
  • Emissions, effects and management of air pollutants and greenhouse gases
Project partner CML participated in the event and held the presentation “Life cycle costing of construction and demolition waste recycling for cost-effectively building retrofits”.

World Material Forum 2018

Project Partner KEEY AEROGEL took part in the event dedicated to the future of materials

The World Material Forum took place in Nancy, France, from 27 to 29 June 2018.

The 4th edition of the event was dedicated to the theme “The Future of Materials: Use Smarter, Less and Longer”. 

VEEP Project Partner Francisco Ruiz - CEO Keey Aerogel took part in Plenary Session 4 “Reduce materials intensity for building industry”.

In the framework of Plenary Session 4, Francisco Ruiz held a presentation titled “Novel circular economy business model of high-added value products for energy efficiency: from C&DW to Aerogels”.

Aerogel is the best insulator material, characterised by a thermal conductivity inferior to 15mW/mK, but it is expensive and fragile.
This is why VEEP Aerogel will be produced from concrete and demolition waste, making it greener and cheaper.

Moreover, it will be made more resistant through Silica.

Learn more about KEEY AEROGEL presentation on the official website of World Material Forum 2018!

International Workshop on Environmental Management, Science and Engineering 2018

VEEP team took part in IWEMSE 2018 to discuss about Life cycle costing on emerging technology for high quality recycling of concrete in Europe

The International Workshop on Environmental Management, Science and Engineering (IWEMSE) is an event dedicated to the promotion of scientific information interchange between researchers and practitioners in the fields of Environmental Management, Science and Engineering.

The 2018 edition was held in Xiamen, Fujian, China from June 16 to June 17, 2018.

VEEP project partner Leiden University took part in the event to give a presentation about economic analysis on ADR and HAS, entitled “Life cycle costing on emerging technology for high quality recycling of concrete in Europe: from lab-scale to industrial-scale”. 

The large amount of End-of Life concrete generated during the demolition stages in Europe and the traditional treatment of it often results in considerable economic impact. Over the last years, novel technology has been developed aiming to guarantee high quality recycled concrete aggregates for use in new concrete manufacturing, thereby closing the concrete loop. 

The innovative technology of integrated Advanced Drying Recovery (ADR) and Heating-Air classification System (HAS) is developing for cost-effectively and high value-added recycling of concrete. To ensure the proposed ADR and HAS solution will lead to a more cost-effective EOL concrete management, the paper uses LCC as a tool from a financial perspective to quantify the potential economic improvement of the emerging EOL recycling solutions shifting from lab-scale to industrial-scale.  


VEEP partner TECNALIA took part in the 10th International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials

Wascon 2018 took place in Tampere, Finland, from 6 to 8 June 2018 and it aimed at showing both the state of the art and the future developments in the field of construction.
Main  topics discussed during the conference regarded lessons learnt from practical projects, interaction and chemical compatibility with other materials and structures, new products, applications and machinery, LCA and emission modelling and much more.

VEEP project partner TECNALIA participated in session 2A “Recycling of C&DW I”, that took place on Wednesday, 6th of June 2018. 
In particular, Jaime Moreno, Iñigo Vegas , David Garcia and Eunate Goiti held a presentation titled “From C&DW to high added value prefabricated concrete components – The European VEEP project”.

Over the last years, novel technologies have been developed aiming to guarantee high quality of recycled materials for their use in new materials (specially recycled concretes), thereby closing the loop. However, some wastes still faces technical barriers to be incorporated into new materials/products and consequently, they are often down-cycled. It is, for example, the case of fine recycled concrete fractions (0-4 mm), or the case of minor (e.g. glass) and emerging (e.g. mineral wool) C&DW materials that have not yet found technological and business solutions along with their whole circular supply chain, being mostly landfilled.

On the other hand, concrete is the most widely used material in building, with a growing trend towards prefabrication. The European precast concrete sector and its associated supply chain face diverse needs for improvement in resource efficiency (reduction in natural resource consumption, design for reuse, increase, lighter solutions, enhanced thermal performance etc.) leading to higher competitiveness.

To face these challenges, the main objective of the VEEP project (Horizon 2020) is to eco-design, develop and demonstrate a series of new cost-effective technological solutions for the massive retrofitting of our built environment, aiming at cost-effectively reducing building energy consumption. These new technological solutions will lead to novel closed-loop circular approaches for C&DW recycling into novel multilayer precast concrete elements PCEs (for both new buildings and refurbishment) incorporating new concretes as well as superinsulation material produced by using at least 75% (by weight) of C&DW recycled materials.

Visit the official website of the WASCON 2018 to learn more!

VEEP 4th GA (Schlierbach)

On 6 June 2018, the VEEP Consortium met in Schlierbach (France),at KEEY AEROGEL premises, for the fourth progress meeting.

The meeting focused on the projects' updates and ongoing activities and was coupled with the 2nd Exploitation Workshop organization.

Moreover Partners visited the KEEY AEROGEL laboratory and get insight in the set up of the pilot line for the green aerogel production capable to save up to 40% energy consumption.

VEEP at the GREEN WEEK - 24 May 2018 - Brussels

The ConWEEB "Converting Construction Waste into Energy Efficient Buildings" Workshop will present innovative solutions for conferting CDW into new prefabricated elements.The Workshop will present up to date results achieved among the H2020 projects: VEEP-INNOWEE-GREENINSTRUCT-RE4.
Please visit: 

VEEP 3rd GA (Delft)

On 24&25 October 2017, the VEEP Consortium met in Delft (The Netherlands),at TUD premises, for the third progress meeting. The meeting focused on the projects' updates and ongoing activities and was coupled with the 1st Exploitation Workshop organization. Moreover Partners visited the TUD laboratory and get insight in the set up of ADR and HAS Technologies for drying and separate CDW material

VEEP at APSE Conference (Madrid, Spain)

On 22/11/2017 VEEP project has been presented in the framework of APSE conference Promoting circular economy for a greener road construction!

VEEP 1st Video available

Register on the VEEP website and enjoy the VEEP PROJECT 1st VIDEO!

Advances in Recycling and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste Conference - 21-23 June 2017

The proposed conference has been organized in the framework of the H2020 project HISER ( in collaboration with the H2020 project BAMB. Researchers and industry experts had the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advanced/innovative technologies and methodologies to process and valorize C&DW in the context of circular economy.Within this event - organized in Delft (The Netherlands) 21-23 June 2017 - VEEP concept and preliminary results have been presented by VEEP partners (eg KEEY, TECNALIA, TUD)

World Forum Materials AWARD! 28 June 2017

The Technology for the manufacturing of silica Innovative Closed-loop Aerogels by KEEY AEROGELS and TECNALIA was awarded with one of the three prizes within the world forum materials held in Nancys (France) last June 20-28th. KEEY AEROGELS was awarded with the “START-UP CHALLENGE” Award.


VEEP Project at the DDR EXPO - 16 June 2017

VEEP project has been presented at the DDR EXPO Event. DDR Forum & Expo 2017 was an event never seen before, where professionals from different trades, but all related between them, had the opportunity to meet each other thanks to the same goal: go towards the Circular Economy.

This, as well as the chosen place to celebrate it, Brussels, allowed the participation of several stakeholders from different European institutions (associations, federations, included the European Commission…) that participated as speakers and panelists in the conference sessions, covering by this way multiple topics of interest for the attendants.

VEEP 1st International Workshop

The first project International Workshop "Engaging with Stakeholders" has been held in the framework of the BIBM Congress (17-19 May 2017) on May the 17th in Madrid (Spain)!  

Different industrial stakeholders from more than 20 Worldwide countries registered at the event!

Please find at the following link more details about the VEEP workshop we have organized:

VEEP Project at the Seminar: Circular economy in the building construction sector

The Seminar "Circular economy in the building costruction Sector" took place in Warsaw, Poland in Zamoyscy Palace on May the 17th 2017 involving  various Speakers from University and Technical organizations connected with "green buildings" as well as representatives of EU funded projects

VEEP 6M Meeting in Genoa (Italy)

On 14 March 2017, the VEEP Consortium met in Genoa (Italy),for the first six months progress meeting. The project, funded in the frame ofHorizon 2020 EEB-2016, will realize a breakthrough innovation in the field of prefabricatedconcrete components development. It will make available precast panelsembedding high percentage of Construction and Demolition waste and low costaerogel development. The meeting focused on the projects' updates and ongoing activities.

The 4-year H2020 VEEP project has been launched!

The 4-year H2020 VEEP project has been launched! VEEP “Cost-effective recycling of CDW in high added value energy efficient prefabricated concrete components for massive retrofitting of our built environment” is an ambitious project around closed material loops for Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW), based on circular economy principles. The project aims to eco-design, develop and demonstrate new cost-effective technological solutions that will lead to novel closed-loop circular approach for C&DW recycling into novel multilayer precast concrete elements incorporating new concrete and superinsulation material produced by using at least 75% (by weight) of C&DW materials.
VEEP Kick-Off meeting has been held on 19th October 2016 in Brussels (Belgium) at BIBM premises. The Consortium met to discuss the project ambition and objectives and its coordinated implementation, with tools, tasks and assignments for the following months. The Kick-Off meeting has been coupled with operative sessions organized as Workpackages (WPs) workshops on October the 20th in order to finalize a detailed WPs planning and launch the upcoming activities.  Next General Assembly meeting of the project will be organized at D’Appolonia premises (Genoa, Italy) in March 2017.

The VEEP Project has been presented at the event “Progettare tra mare e monti” organized by the Project Management Institute – NIC!

The VEEP Project has been presented at the event “Progettare tra mare e monti” organized by the  Northern Italian Chapter of the Project Management Institute in Genoa on October the 21st 2016.

During the event the Project Coordinator (Dr. Anna Paraboschi) gave a presentation “Progettare per un futuro sostenibile” (“to design for a sustainable future”) focused on the VEEP project as an example of project devoted to introduce technologies, processes and products enabling circular economy based concept application. During the presentation Project Management features and the cooperation tool used in the framework of the project have been also introduced.

More than 100 people attended the event!

The event has been organized by PMI-NIC (Project Management Institute- Northern Italian Chapter) that is a reference for everyone interested in project management topics all over Northern and Central Italy. The Chapter, in particular, aims at contributing to professional growth in project management, promoting researches and thematic seminars, introduce the project management profession, principles and techniques in companies, universities and other professional associations.

Project started on 1st October 2016

The VEEP project was officially started on 1st October 2016. The kick-off meeting ...


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 723582

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